Do I need different winter and summer skin care routines?

With the weather growing cooler, you may have noticed your skin feeling dryer than usual. This is because different seasons place different strain on the skin. Your skin will not have the same needs all year around! In winter, temperatures may drop significantly, and the air can be drier than the other months. In summer, the sun and sea can be harsh and drying on your skin.

So, in order to keep your skin balanced all year around you may have to adapt your skincare routines! Read this post to find out how.


In winter (or whatever the cooler months are where you live!) the weather can be particularly harsh on our skin, as it is cooler and dryer. And when we’re not outside facing the elements, our heaters and AC dry the skin as well! This means the skin tends to lose more moisture, meaning that it can easily get dehydrated, so you might have to adapt your skincare routines.

Hydration and moisture

Ensuring your skin is getting enough hydration and moisture will avoid dryness and rough skin. During winter, you might find that your usual creams are not providing your skin with all the moisturisation you need. To combat this, consider using a thicker, more moisturising formula during the cooler months.

Additionally, using a hydrator like glycerin or hyaluronic acid will add extra hydration to your skin. It is best to lock in a hydrator, by applying moisturiser straight after, to keep all that moisture in! You can incorporate hydrators into your day-time winter routine, but I use mine at night as I prefer to do my heavy moisturising then, to avoid getting oily throughout the day.


But make sure you continue to use your SPF in the wintertime! Even though the sun isn’t hot during winter, the UVA and UVB rays present during the summer are still present, meaning that if you aren’t wearing sun protection, your delicate facial skin isn’t being protected against the risk of skin cancer and premature ageing.


If you feel like you’re moisturising and hydrating enough but your skin still feels flaky, this may be because you need to exfoliate. It is good to regularly exfoliate, regardless of the weather, but in winter it can be particularly helpful. If you like to use a physical exfoliant, it’s important to not over-exfoliate, so 2-3 times a week is perfect for smooth skin. If you use a chemical exfoliant you can use one every day; I always end the day with The Ordinary’s Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution after washing my face. This keeps my skin soft and supple. If you are suffering from chapped lips, you can also use a lip scrub and then apply some lip balm afterwards for velvety soft lips!


In the hotter months of the year, the sun is usually hotter and brighter for more hours in the day. In some climates, summer months can be hot and dry, but in other parts of the world, summer can be humid and muggy. You might find that depending on the type of summer heat you have, your skin can act completely differently! And if you live in a country where there isn’t much difference between summer and winter weather, you might feel like you don’t have to tweak your routines at all!

Hydration and moisture

Depending on the level of air humidity where you live in the summer, your skin might call for more or less hydration and moisturisation. In more humid climates, your usual moisturisers might feel too heavy on your skin. Because humidity in the air can keep your skin hydrated, in humid climates, some moisturisers might feel too moisturising. If your skin is feeling oily, you can switch to a lighter lotion-type moisturiser, or you can use gel moisturisers for a hydrating cream which won’t be heavy on the skin.

Regardless of the climate, AC can be super drying. This means that although you might be living in a humid place, when you spend extended periods of time indoors, your skin can start to feel dry and tight. To avoid this, consider taking a spray facial mist around with you to mist your skin when it feels dry! In dryer summer climates, you might still be okay using slightly heavier lotions and creams, and your skin might even require it.


Although you should be wearing SPF all-year around, it is particularly important to protect from the sun in the summer. As the sun is hotter, you are more prone to skin damage, so make sure you are using SPF in the summer. Also, as it is hotter and you are likely to be sweating, make sure you are reapplying throughout the day! If you would like a blog post going into more depth about why SPF is important, and breaking down the different types of SPF available, leave me a comment below!

Sun protection isn’t limited to the facial skin; you can use SPF products on your lips and hair too! Our lips can get sunburnt, just as our skin, so using a lip balm with SPF will protect that delicate skin. And our hair can also get sun damage, so using an SPF hair oil, spray or cream will keep your hair looking soft and luscious all year around!

In order to protect from the sea, moisturise like crazy once you wash the sea water off you. Moisturise your feet and you will be shocked at how soft your feet feel from the exfoliation it got from the sand! And don’t forget to give your hair some love too.

Although it may seem like a lot of effort to find different products that work for you at different times of the year, rest assured that it’s really easy! Once you know what you’re looking for, it is easy to find a product that will fill that need. Plus, it’s really fun to try different skin care products!

Please let me know if you would like anything clarified. Comment below if you rotate your skin care throughout the year!

Bye for now,

Jazmin xx

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