Beat the Boredom of Self-isolation

beat the boredom of self-isolation

Hey! Are you bored at home? Well, I’ve got some great ideas to entertain you while you’re stuck in self-isolation.

Until the Coronavirus passes, we are being asked to stay home to slow the spread of the virus. This means many of us are stuck inside, but there are only so many Netflix series we can binge-watch before we’re bored out of our minds! It’s important to stay busy and productive during this period, so here are some great ideas to make staying in as fun as going out!

1) Clear out your wardrobe & Marie Kondo your life

Now that we’re home in self-isolation, it’s a great time to overhaul your clothing situation. The Marie Kondo method of organisation calls for you to get everything out of your drawers, wardrobes and cupboards (from the area you want to work on), so you can evaluate what you really want to keep. You should go through each item, one by one, hold it, and determine if it sparks joy. This means despite feeling that you ‘need’ it, does it really make you happy? Watch her show on Netflix to find out more!

It’s a really effective way to get rid of clothes you don’t wear much (or at all), and you’ll feel better for having had a good clear out. Plus, it’s really entertaining and satisfying to do!

And it isn’t limited to clothing, you can Marie Kondo your whole life!

2) Become a plant parent

During this time bulk buying and self-isolation, why not try growing your own fruits and vegetables at home? Veggies that are easy to grow at home are potatoes, carrots, spinach, lettuce, radishes, garlic and onion. Fruits that you can easily grow at home (without needing to wait for a tree to grow!) are berries, such as raspberries and blackberries which grow in bushes, and strawberries which grow on the ground.

It’s so rewarding to grow your own food, and super fun to prepare the ground, sow the seeds, and tend to the plants.

If you don’t have a garden, there are still things you can grow inside! Spring onion can grow in a glass; cut the bulbs off some spring onions, and place them in a glass of water. Replace the water every few days, and you’ll see that within 5 days or so, the spring onions will have completely grown back! When you want to use some spring onion, just cut off the bulb like before and it will grow back again! I love doing this at home as it saves me from having to buy new spring onions. Plus, it feels great to know that I’m eating veggies grown in my own house.

Herbs are also super easy to grow inside. All you need to do is get some seeds, plant them in a small pot (or a large glass or mug) and place them by the window or wherever they’ll get some sunlight, and watch them grow!

3) Stay creative

I know you have those knitting needles somewhere at home, so dig them out, get some wool and knit a masterpiece! Or, if knitting isn’t for you, let your creative juices flow with some painting or drawing. You could also give writing a go if that’s something you’ve always wanted to try.

Being creative is a great way to pass the time, because you not only keep busy, but you get a new skill out of it too!

4) Be head chef

I personally am using all this time to experiment in the kitchen, and trying to eat well in order to protect myself as much as possible from the Coronavirus. Trying out new recipes is a really good way to keep being creative, which will in turn keep you feeling positive. And it’s delicious too!

Cooking is a way that brings people together, so a nice idea could be to call a family member and ask for guidance on how to cook a dish they make really well. I’m sure all our grandparents that are self-isolating alone would really enjoy it, too.

5) Stay active

It can be difficult to stay active while staying inside, so picking up a new exercise or scheduling an hour of exercise a day is a great way to keep busy and is also great for your health. Staying active is key building up your immune system, so now is the perfect time to get moving. If you don’t have a lot of space at home, you can try yoga or Pilates, or weight lifting. There are lots of good workout tutorials on YouTube and on Instagram, so there’s something for everyone!

And a good Just Dance session definitely counts as exercise!

6) Learn something new

With the large number of tutorials and courses online, why not learn something new? Skillshare and YouTube are my favourite places to go to learn how to do something, or pick up a new skill.

You could learn to play an instrument online, learn how to do macramé, brush up on your photography skills, learn to do gel nails at home or even learn a language. I’m currently learning Korean and I’m using Talk to Me in Korean Books, as well as YouTube videos and Duolingo to revise the most basic grammar. You could even enrol into the open university and take university courses online.

It’s a lot of fun, and it’s really rewarding to see your progress when learning something new!

7) Reading

Make the most of all this free-time and read that book that’s been on your read list for the past 5 years! You know the one…

If you struggle to read books, why not try listening to an audio book? Or you can listen to the audio book while reading it to help you along!

If books aren’t your speed, you could flick through some magazines, or support bloggers by reading some blog posts (we really appreciate the support!). If you’re enjoying this post, you may enjoy one of my previous on how to spend your birthday in self isolation!

8) Keep in touch

Calling loved ones is a great way to kill the time- and it’s good for you! Us humans are social creatures, so we really benefit from contact with other people. Because of the Coronavirus, we now have to stick to online interactions, but it’s still possible to have good social contact via the internet. Opt for video calling, rather than voice calling and try group calling with your friends or family on Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom.

I hope that with these ideas, you’ll be able to beat the boredom during this period of self-isolation. Feel free to leave a comment below with something that has helped you during these times of staying inside.

Bye for now,


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