Kiko Milano Makeup Review!

kiko milano makeup review

Hi there! If you’re interested in high quality, affordable makeup you need to check out this post. Here is a Kiko Milano haul and review!

I originally wrote this post last black Friday but never got around to posting! Sorry folks. On black Friday I managed to resist all sales but one… but in my defence all (or almost all) of the products are fantastic, so I do think it was money well spent. Plus, my girlfriend and I did the shop together!

We bought:
– Lip tint
– Liquid lipstick
– Eyeshadow
– Highlighter
– Lipstick
– Nail polish

If you would like to find out my opinions about these products and discover a product that you have to AVOID, please keep reading!

If you’re not familiar with who Kiko are, they’re an Italian beauty brand who mainly focus on makeup and nail products. They’re extremely popular in Europe right now, and after having tried several of their products I understand why.

When you walk into a Kiko it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are so many products squashed into the (usually tiny) shops. This is especially the case with their lip products. They have so many different types that it’s hard to know which way to go, but if you have a keen interest and a bit of time on your hands, you’re almost guaranteed to find some gems.

I first discovered Kiko as a teenager as I was heavily into nail art. Kiko do £2.50 nail polishes that are of FANTASTIC quality (that were £2 up until recently). I’ve tried many different brands out there, and in my opinion, these are just as good as OPI, and a fraction of the price. Looking at my nail polishes the other day I did notice that now you get 7mls, whereas their older bottles contain 11mls of product. I did wonder how they had managed to keep the price so low all this time.

Nail polish

So, as always, I was drawn to the nail polish section of the shop. I bought a beautiful pastel pink, with fantastic pigmentation. This is typical of Kiko polishes, and they’re long wearing too! which is quite light but becomes opaque after two coats. This is normal, and there are very few nail polishes that only require one coat. I think this shade is so sweet and subtle. I love it!

Kiko always have so many sparkly highlighters and eyeshadows on display, and I fell hook, line and sinker. I am always drawn to shimmery and sparkly things, and always leave Kiko full of glitter.


kiko image from wix 2

A kind of grabby lady sequestered me and insisted she needed to show me their liquid highlighter. Placing some moisturiser on my hand, along with a drop of this highlighter, she gave my girlfriend and I the most subtle, gorgeous, glowy hand. We were sold.

This highlighter is super fine and not at all chunky. It’s really quite subtle, and can be worn all over the face for a glow-from-within kind of look when diluted with a moisturiser. It can also be concentrated and used on the high points of the face if you prefer. It’s really quite good and there are tonnes of product in there.


kiko milano eyeshadow review

I spotted this one from across the room as it sparkled at me. It’s just the most stunning thing. It’s almost the complete opposite of the highlighter. The shimmer particles are not that small, and there’s nothing subtle about this eyeshadow.

Although many eyeshadows can be used as highlighter, I wouldn’t recommend doing that with this one as it is chunky. It might be suited for a glitter highlight for a festival for example! Although it is so stunning, I kind of don’t want to use it as the packaging and pattern of the shadow is so beautiful in and of itself.

Lip products

Creamy Lipstick

kiko milano lipstick review

This is another stand-out product. I bought the shade Gossamer Edition and it’s a beautiful plummy nude. The price is so, so right with this one. I paid 6 euros for this lipstick and I think that is a fantastic price for the quality of the product and the packaging. It comes in a really cool metal casing, which can only be opened by pressing a button on the top that releases the lipstick from its shell. I know it sounds dramatic, but it really is dramatic.

The lipstick itself is super creamy and blends into my lips like a dream. I love the tone of the colour, and the smell is fantastic. It almost smells of cocoa. I’m not sure what the scent it but I really want to eat it. Like, a lot.

Liquid lipstick: Metallic Paint

Now here is where I get really passionate. I have been looking for the perfect red for quite a while now. I think it is because of my undertones, or maybe my lip colour, but so many reds pull pink or berry on me. I was looking for that true Marilyn Monroe blue red. And this it! It’s a metallic, which will absolutely work for the holiday season. It’s so smooth and easy to apply. The metallic aspect is so subtle and it doesn’t stand out on the lips. The lips just look alive and more dimensional.

kiko image from wix 5

The applicator makes for a relatively easy application, and the colour payoff is one stroke magic. It is SO opaque. It’s really amazing. But the most surprising element for me is how long wearing this lip is. It lasts all day, all throughout meals and drinks, and it doesn’t smudge nor crease, nor crack. It just stays flexible and beautiful. At one point I tested putting lip balm on top and it worked fine.

It stays so well that I actually had some trouble removing it at night! I recommend using a cleansing balm or oil or micellar water, followed up by literally soaping your lips. Kind of like double cleansing your face!

I couldn’t recommend this one more.

Lip stain: Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker

Aaaaand this is the product that didn’t work out for me. Hey, only 1 dud out of 6 is pretty good going! I was drawn to these lip stains as I am a huge fan of long-wearing lip products (as I am low maintenance, AKA lazy). I chose the burgundy brown shade as it is the most unlike anything else I own. I’ve tried it twice now, the first time full of excitement and the second time hoping for a different result, and it’s just…not good.

Firstly, the colour payoff is weak, so it doesn’t really stand out on the lips.

Secondly, it applies really unevenly. It’s super patchy and it’s hard to get every area of the lip the same colour.

Thirdly, it grabs to any dry skin or textured lip areas. The first time I tried it, I did have some dryness in my lips, so the second time I tried the tint I made sure my lips were super soft. However, it still grabbed to the middle part of my lips, making it look like I had something stuck on them. Kind of as if I had drunk a hot chocolate in a very messy manner.

This one was an absolute no no for me, and it wasn’t cheap either!


All in all, I’m really happy with the products we bought. I highly recommend all of them (except for the dreaded lip tint).

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products, or if you’ve ever been to a Kiko store. Oh and please let me know if you got on with that lip tint!

Thanks for reading,

Jazmin xx


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