A’pieu Madecassoside Cica Cream Review

A'pieu Madecassoside Cica Cream Review

This is a full product review of the A’pieu Madecassoside Cream. This facial moisturiser is a watery gel which is jam-packed full of healing and hydrating ingredients. But is it worth the hype? I’ve used one full tube of this cream and I’m ready to review it for you. I’ll be letting you know about the ingredients, the claims, who it’s good for, and fundamentally, if it works!

So, keep reading if you’d like to know if it’s worth splashing the cash on!

What are the claims?

This cream claims to:
-Keep skin hydrated and balanced
-Soothe inflamed and reddened skin
-Absorb quickly

So it sounds like this cream is going to be great for those with compromised skin barriers. By this, I mean people who have very dry or dehydrated skin, or maybe have some skin damage due to skin conditions, sun damage, or going too hard with the strong skincare ingredients (I’ve definitely been there before). This cream should help to soothe and settle irritated, flaky and itchy skin.

But do the ingredients reflect these claims?

Let’s break down the ingredients. The main skin soothing ingredients in this cream are centella asiatica (leaf water and extract), madecassoside, glycerin and urea. Let’s get into these now.

Centella asiatica is an asian herb which helps to soothe compromised skin. It can help revitalise the skin’s protective barrier which definitely contributes to the cream’s claims. I can see how this ingredient would help to soothe inflamed and reddened skin. This cream contains 2 forms of centella asiatica, and 40% of the cream is made up of the leaf water, so there is plenty of the ingredient to have a good effect.

Madecassoside is an active ingredient which has a soothing, anti-redness effect. It is actually a molecule found in centella asiatica, which can help to make the skin feel smoother and reduce itchiness. This is a great skincare ingredient to look out for, especially if you have dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin.

Glycerin is an extremely common skincare ingredient- for a reason! It attracts water to the skin, which helps to plump up and rehydrate the skin. This definitely backs up the cream’s claim of being hydrating!

Urea is often used in skincare products, particularly in those for eczema and psoriasis, as it helps to treat extremely dry and rough skin. It is a humectant, like glycerin, in the way that it attracts water to the skin. Urea helps with dry and itchy skin, so this is a further skincare ingredient for healing dry skin!

As you can see, this cream is jam-packed full of healing, soothing ingredients- but did I notice a difference?

a'pieu madecassoside cica cream review
Texture of the cream

Does it work?

I used the A’pieu Madecassoside Cream when I was going through a period of very dry skin, which was triggered by over-using an air-heater. Because air heaters can make the air very dry, my skin wasn’t getting enough moisture and it became dry and dehydrated.

I slathered this cream on in the day during this time, and used it until the tube ran out in order to be able to review it properly. While my skin was very dry and dehydrated, it felt soft and soothing on my skin. Although it is a cream, it has a watery, gel like texture (due to the 40% centella asiatica leaf water) which is quite pleasant. But watch out when squeezing the tube; my mirror took a couple of hits as it’s runnier than expected!

When I used it during this period of dry skin, my skin absorbed it all and I felt like I needed a second layer of cream. After a couple more days I noticed that my skin’s condition wasn’t improving (despite no longer using the heater), so I had to slather on some CeraVe Moisturising Cream (the one in the tub), which contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid. This one always repairs my skin barrier and leaves me balanced in one or two days.

This A’pieu cream was soothing, and it definitely didn’t irritate my already compromised skin, but it didn’t exactly heal the problem. My skin’s scaliness, itchiness and dryness cleared up after about a week, which I think was due to the CeraVe, but I do think this helped in bringing hydration into my skin. This is of course just my experience based on my skin, and I can’t deny that this product isn’t stuffed full of healing and soothing ingredients.

I continued to use this cream for a further month and a half (until the tube finished). When I was using it on healthy, balanced skin (when the dryness had cleared up), I noticed that my skin didn’t absorb all the cream like before. In fact, it left my combination skin feeling quite moisturised (and a bit shiny).  This isn’t something that bothers me in particular, as I prefer my skin to be dewy rather than matte. But, I don’t think the cream’s claim of ‘absorbing quickly’ is true at all.

I don’t think this is a cream for those with oily skin!

a'pieu madecassoside cica cream review

Final thoughts

Overall, I think the A’pieu Madecassoside Cream is a nice, soothing cream. If you’re looking for a day cream which is gentle without being too heavy and oily, this is a good one for you! I definitely recommend this cream for those who have compromised skin barriers or who need a good boost of hydration from their day-time moisturiser. This cream will leave you balanced, but it can have a bit of a shiny finish to it, so avoid it if you like to feel matte.

Although this is a nice cream, it’s not revolutionary in my opinion. It didn’t fix my dry skin problems; I need more from a ‘skin improvement’ cream, and I think those with eczema and psoriasis will too. I’m not sure if I’ll repurchase right now, but I could see myself using it as my day cream in the future as it’s gentle and inoffensive and I like how moisturised my skin feels when using this. It doesn’t do amazing things for my skin, but sometimes you just need a soothing, gentle cream.

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