7 Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Support

To discover some black-owned beauty brands, check out this post!

This year has been a wild ride.

I have been active about the Black Lives Matter movement on social media, particularly on my Instagram (to find out more, find me here). Today, I was originally going to post a beauty product review here on my blog but that just didn’t feel right, given what’s going on in the U.S. (and across the world).

Instead, keeping with my blog’s theme of beauty, I want to highlight some black owned beauty brands. Some of these are eco-friendly, which is something I’m passionate about here on my blog. These brands featured here are from all over the world; some are American, some Caribbean and some British.

Being British, finding black British-owned beauty brands is important to me, and I found it surprisingly difficult to find sustainable, black-owned beauty brands. Nevertheless, here is a list that I think you’ll enjoy!

If you would like to contribute and support the Black Lives Matter movement, here is a link where you can donate, learn more about the motivations behind BLM, and sign petitions.

So, let’s get on with the beauty!

Oui The People

I’m starting off this list with by far the most luxurious product. Oui The People produce beautiful, sleek looking safety razors (those traditional razors that are reusable). They’re called safety razors as they came after the original Sweeny-Todd-esque razors that were just essentially sharp knives that were dragged along the skin (scary times).

These are totally reusable and the only waste they produce are metal blades which can be recycled, rather than plastic heads which are impossible to recycle. And they’re a million times more sustainable than disposable razors!

Anita Grant

This British-based company really excites me. I will placing an order of their products soon and I will of course write a review here on my blog.

This cruelty-free company makes sustainable skincare and haircare products. Not only are their face and body products eco-friendly, their hair products are suitable for Afro Caribbean hair. I love seeing eco-friendly hair products, especially when they’re designed for Afro hair!

They make some beautiful shampoo bars (shampoo in solid bar form so you don’t need plastic packaging!) that are sulphate free. Shampoo bars are shampoo in solid bar form, so you can go without plastic packaging! They also have shampoo and conditioner that comes in glass bottles with a pump if you like the classic formulation.

For the face and body, they have face masks and moisturisers.

The Afro Hair and Skin Company

This is another British brand that produces eco-friendly products. These are also suitable for everyone, but they’re designed with Afro hair in mind. They also produce shampoo bars, as well as a hair oil and hair butter.

If skincare is more your kind of thing, you can find a sustainable facial oil and clay mask here! I will also be trying this brand at some point in the near future, as I’m really curious about the hair butter.

Mielle Organics

Mielle Organics is such a popular American brand right now. They’re making quite a name for themselves in the world of hair care!

This brand produces shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and hair oils suitable for curly hair. Their most famous product right now is their Babassu Oil and Mint Deep Conditioner; I’ve heard really good things about this hair mask.

This company also does some skincare; they sell lotion, hand cream, cleanser, serum and a face mask. Unlike the previous two companies, this is not an eco-friendly brand.

Sacha Cosmetics

I was drawn to this brand as they’re a Trinidad and Tobago based beauty company. I haven’t mentioned this here on my blog before, but I am half Trinidadian and half Spanish. So, when I came across this brand, I had to delve deeper!

They’re a cruelty free makeup company who gained popularity for their Buttercup Face Powder, designed to withstand the heat and intensity of a Caribbean Carnival. Aside from powder, they also make foundation, blush, lip products, eye shadow and some glitters that truly look amazing. These Pure Jewels glitters are made for carnival so you just know they’re going to be colourful and blindingly bright (just as we like it).


This makeup brand was founded by a Nigerian born, LA and London based woman named Sharon Chuter. This brand produces high quality face products, lip, eye and brow products. They’re becoming more and more popular right now and for good reason; they have fantastic reviews.


This is another black-owned beauty brand. The style of this brand is quite pretty; most of their products fit into the colour palette of nude tones. They’re stunning shades, plus: they’re nude shades that are actually made for black people.

Mented make face products, lip products, eye products and even carry some pretty nail polishes.


I hope you have enjoyed this post, and if you want to learn more about why people are protesting, please click the above link which I’ll place here too.

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