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Holika Holika Water Drop Tint Bomb Review

Holika Holika Water Drop Tint Bomb Review

If you’re into K-Beauty, you probably know that Korean brands are the masters of lip tints. But does the Holika Holika Water Drop Tint Bomb stand up against the likes of Peripera and 3CE?

If you’ve never heard of lip tints before, they’re sheer lip products that stain the lips for 4-12 hours. This means you can wear your lip colour all day without needing to reapply! Even better, as they stain your lips, lip tints often are undisturbed by eating; even eating greasy meals. For more information on lip tints check out this post.

This Holika Holika lip tint is super cute. It is a lip balm that is shaped like a droplet! The fact that it is a lip balm AND lip tint is a really unique thing. In theory, you get two benefits at the same time: lip hydration/moisture and a long-lasting lip colour! But is this really moisturising, and is the tint flattering and long-lasting?

holika holika water drop tint bomb review

I bought the shade Peach Water, which is really pretty bright orangey pink. It is bright on the lips and lifts the complexion without looking too fake at all. It gives you a glow-from-within kind of look which I really love. I bought it in Korea, and paid 3000₩, which is around £2 or $2.50, which is obviously super cheap! I don’t know much about the brand Holika Holika, but I do know they’re a K-beauty brand.


Because of the droplet shape, the balm has sharp edges which makes application quite easy. And because it’s a watery balm it glides over the lips super smoothly. This is actually a texture that I have never experienced in a lip product before. When it comes in contact with the skin, it feels like actual water, or like tiny little bombs of water are exploding on your lips! I think that explains the name of the product!

holika holika water drop tint bomb

Although this lip tint claims to be hydrating, I’m not so sure about that (but at least it doesn’t dry out my lips like many lip stains). The tint dries down really fast, and it doesn’t leave a creamy feeling on the lips unlike most lip balms. It honestly feels like there isn’t anything on my lips, so I don’t think it’s a true replacement for lip balm.

One thing that really threw me off about this balm at first is the taste. It’s not like I go around eating lip balms, but you know, sometimes a little bit gets in your mouth, right? No? Oops.

But seriously, it tastes like glue stick. I haven’t eaten a glue stick either (I promise), but it really doesn’t taste like a lip product. I try really hard to not lick my lips at all when wearing this because I hate the taste.

How it looks on the lips

When I first started wearing this tint, I only applied one layer. I was not impressed, as it looks super patchy. It clings to dry patches and it doesn’t apply evenly. I then out of curiosity (and boredom), applied one or two more layers and all of a sudden, I had an even application of a really stunning tint. I’ve mentioned this before, but it looks like it glows and makes your skin look brighter. This does mean that you end up with quite a bright result.

holika holika waterdrop tint bomb review
After 1 layer of tint
holika holika water drop tint bomb
After 2 layers of tint

Is the tint long wearing?

YES! One million times YES. When I apply two or three layers of this tint, it stays until bed time. It’s pretty crazy! I usually use an oil or balm cleanser to break it down when I’m ready to remove it (to find out more about double cleansing check out this post), but usually a subtle tint still remains.

Overall, I think this is a really fun product. It definitely makes a fun gift for those who enjoy K-Beauty. Although the taste is… unfortunate, and it applies patchy at first, I think I would recommend this tint. Just apply a couple of layers and enjoy a lip tint that will last all day! And don’t be afraid to use lip balm on top if you notice your lips getting a bit dry; this is not a replacement for lip balm.

I think I will repurchase this one!

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