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The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin Review!

The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin

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Hi there!

This post is a full review of The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% +HA serum. To find out what Alpha Arbutin does, and whether it actually works, check out this review!

This post is one of several upcoming The Ordinary reviews I’m going to post, as I’ve tried so many of their products now. So many of their products are fantastic, but some have been big fails for me. So, to make sure you don’t miss these reviews, subscribe to my blog at the bottom of the page!

Who are The Ordinary?

The Ordinary are a fuss-free, super affordable skincare line that focuses on making great skincare accessible. Many of their products are low-waste and some are even plastic-free, which I think is great. As someone who is trying to be more eco-friendly, it makes it easier to find eco-friendly products that work.

Their products are around £4 to £10 (super affordable!), and they have dozens of different products for different skin types and skin needs.

Because of this, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when wanting to try some of their products, which is why I’m highlighting and reviewing some of their products here on my blog.

So far, I’ve had a really great experience with this brand. Some of their things don’t work for my skin at all, but some of their products have become staples in my skincare routine.

For reference: I have combination acne-prone skin.

What is Alpha Arbutin?

Alpha arbutin is an active ingredient that gradually and gently fades scars and hyperpigmentation marks on the skin. This allows your skin to look more even and clear. Don’t worry, this will not whiten or lighten your skin, it only fades marks and scars!

Alpha Arbutin is a great skincare ingredient for those who have post inflammatory inflammation, acne scars or melasma (age spots). I’ve also used it to fade an old brown scar caused by a burn, and it faded it significantly. So I really recommend this active ingredient to those with stubborn marks that won’t fade away.

About the serum

The Ordinary’s Alpha Arbutin serum is vegan and cruelty free, and it’s formulated without silicones and oils, making it great for all skin types. The Alpha Arbutin is also formulated with hyaluronic acid, which is great as it makes the ingredient more stable. Plus, hyaluronic acid is a really good hydrator, meaning the serum will also bring a plumpness to your skin.

The serum contains 2% Alpha Arbutin which is fantastic, as it’s a high concentration of the active ingredient.

The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin Serum Review

I really like the texture of this serum. It’s a clear, lightweight serum which sinks into the skin in seconds. I find that it doesn’t leave my skin sticky at all. Even better, it doesn’t break me out at all or make my oily areas oilier. It’s just light and comfortable on the skin.

Does it work?

YES! I really like this serum. Not only is it super affordable, but it really works.

I apply it after toner and before thicker products such as lotion or moisturiser both morning and night. I only apply it to the areas I have marks I want to fade; I don’t apply it all over the face as I don’t need it everywhere. I recommend using it like this to avoid wasting the serum and your money! Plus, it’s best to use the least amount of products possible on your skin to avoid irritating it or overworking it.

As with all skincare, you won’t see an immediate effect with this serum. When I first started using it, I noticed an improvement after about 2 weeks of using it, but it wasn’t until I had been using it for about a month that my hyperpigmentation faded significantly (and completely in some areas).

I find that this works to fade spot scars and brown marks really well, but I think it might struggle with very dark age spots. I say this as I have one mark of hyperpigmentation which is quite pronounced, and it hasn’t faded completely even though I’ve been applying this product to it for about 2 months. It has lightened slightly though.

The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin Review

Would I recommend The Ordinary’s Alpha Arbutin?

I would definitely recommend this serum. It’s a quick step to add to your skincare routine and the effect on the appearance of your skin is huge. If you have acne scarring or hyperpigmentation, I really recommend adding this one to your AM and PM skincare routines.

Make sure to use SPF in the morning if you start using this serum, as active ingredients like this will make your skin more susceptible to sun damage.


I hope you found this review useful! For more reviews like this one, make sure to check out my previous blog posts, and subscribe to be notified via email when I post my next The Ordinary review!

Thanks for reading,



9 thoughts on “The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin Review!

  1. hey jazmin, just read your review, i am interested about getting the serum to fade an old burn from hot oil splash while cooking it was 3years ago..the burn was serious however it took 2 weeks with biaffine application for the skin to start healing tremendously. Now its all healed and i only have medium to  dark hyperpigmentation left under my u think the serum could help? What type of burn did it fade for u? Thxx stay safe. Can u reply on my email?


    1. Thank you so much for your comment! And thanks for subscribing to my blog. I can’t actually see your email address so I’ll reply here. But if you do want to have an email exchange, feel free to email me at

      I’m glad you were able to heal your wound, that sounds like it must have really painful. If it’s fully healed, you can begin to try to fade the hyperpigmentation. I wasn’t healing a burn, but acne scars that turn into hyperpigmentation.

      I would recommend this serum because it’s so gentle on the skin, which is good for around your eyes. As well as something that targets overproduction of melanin in one area (like Alpha Arbutin), I would suggest starting to use a chemical exfoliant. Because it’s in the area around your eyes (don’t go too close to the eyes!), I would recommend The Ordinary’s lactic acid serum. It’s gentle but it exfoliates which increases cell turnover, getting you to newer skin more quickly.

      If you use the lactic acid serum at night, and the alpha arbutin during the day, I think you’ll see an improvement. BUT, none of this will really work if you don’t wear sunscreen everyday. Try applying spf50 to those areas every day (and reapplying every 3 hours). Because our melanin reacts to the sun, burns and hyperpigmentation can carry on getting darker or resisting to fade because of this.

      I think if you use these products (and SPF) you will see an improvement in around 3 months.

      Hope this works for you!
      Jazmin xxx


      1. ey Jazmin, thank you so much for your quick response, i will follow ur advice and give it a try, i live in France so to buy some of the products i have to wait for them to be in stock..:/  I will keep u in touch. Thx again take care ad stay safe:)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. hi, thank you so much for this. I would like to know if anyone used and stopped using – if you stop using alpha arbutus – will the hyperpigmentation / scars come back or is it more of a permanent solution? thank you


  3. Hi, thank you for your comment Emi! Any hyperpigmentation you fade using alpha arbutin will not come back; once it’s gone, it’s gone! The only exception is if you’re fading a re-occuring thing like severe melasma, or chafe marks 🙂


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