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Do We Need to Wear Sun Screen Every Day?

Do we need to wear sun screen every day

To find out if we need to wear sun screen every day, check out this blog post!

Our skin is incredibly sensitive and vulnerable to sun damage, and that’s why sun protection is the one skincare product that you should never skip! You don’t have to have a long skincare routine, and you don’t even need to have a skincare routine. BUT I would recommend using SPF on a daily basis. Now, let me explain why.

Although this is a beauty blog, skincare is not just about the appearance of skin, but the health, too. Wearing sun protection every day on your face (including when it’s grey outside or not very sunny) will protect your skin from unnecessary tissue damage and even skin cancer.

Here are 3 reasons why you should apply SPF to your face every day:

1) The sun’s rays can cause skin cancer

Prolonged exposure to UV rays over the years leads to deep tissue damage. This is the most serious type of tissue damage as it can lead to skin cancer! Skin cancer affects everyone; regardless of skin colour or skin tone. It’s often thought that black people can’t get skin cancer but this is absolutely not true.

It’s so important to not skip daily sun protection, especially if you live in a bright, sunny area. Please protect your skin!

2) The sun can age the skin prematurely

The sun’s UV rays also cause superficial skin damage which is a cause of premature ageing of the skin. The superficial tissue damage caused by the sun leads to a deterioration of collagen and elastin, which are two proteins that help to keep the skin bouncy, resilient and rigid. That’s why SPF is the biggest anti-ageing treatment out there.

It’s recommended to wear at least SPF 30 on a daily basis, and reapply every 2-3 hours, per the instructions of the sun screen. It’s also important to not neglect your neck as the skin there is thinner and so more prone to the first signs of ageing!

I want to mention that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with age showing on your face, but if you’re someone who would like to slow down the ageing process, wearing sun protection is a great way to hold back that tissue damage.

3) Exposure to the sun deepens acne scars

If you’re acne-prone, you might really enjoy the effects of wearing daily SPF on your skin. As someone who suffers from acne on my cheeks and along my jaw and chin, I know how annoying post acne scars are. You get rid of the spot and then you have to deal with a dark mark there for weeks and it’s so frustrating.

However, when you expose your acne scars to the sun, it deepens the colour (in the same way our skin tans when it’s in the sun). To help acne scars fade quicker, wear a high percentage of SPF (I recommend SPF 50), and reapply regularly.

Of course, it’s incredibly time consuming to apply SPF to your whole body every day and reapply frequently, so I must confess… I don’t apply SPF to my body unless it’s a sunny day and my skin is not protected by clothing. However, I do apply sun protection to my face every day regardless of the weather to help prevent my acne scars from darkening and to protect my skin from sun damage.

If you’re looking for a good SPF that doesn’t leave a white cast on your skin, I would recommend Korean sun lotions! Korean skincare is so effective and affordable, especially when it comes to SPF. Most Korean SPFs are factor 50 which is what you want for maximum protection. I highly recommend Purito’s Centella Green Level Unscented Sun lotion and Etude House’s Sunprise Daily lotion.


Next week I’ll be posting about the different types of sun screen and how to apply your SPF to make sure you’re getting the most out of your skincare! If you’ve found this post helpful, please comment below or share; I really appreciate it!




3 thoughts on “Do We Need to Wear Sun Screen Every Day?

  1. What if I don’t actually go outside one particular day? Is there much point putting it on if I’m inside all day?


  2. This is a really good question, and it’s being much debated right now! I’ll give you some more info on it so that you can make your decision based on that 🙂

    Most windows protect us from UVB (the rays responsible for skin burning) but not UVA (the rays responsible for skin aging). This means that through the windows, we don’t get as much sun damage, which causes skin cancer and sun spots/hyperpigmentation. However, if you use SPF to prevent aging, you’ll still need to wear it indoors.

    Personally, I wear SPF indoors on sunny days but don’t bother on overcast days. But I always apply SPF when leaving the house, no matter the weather 🙂

    Hope that helps!


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