Anita Grant Daily Leave-in Butter Review

Anita Grant haircare review

Hello there!

This is a review of the Anita Grant’s Daily Leave-in Buter. If you’re looking for a black-owned brand that makes sustainable beauty products including products for afro hair, look no further! I’m really excited to share this review with you because I have an afro hair texture (meaning my hair is curly and on the dry side), and it’s really difficult to find haircare that’s not only suitable for my hair but designed with eco-consciousness in mind!

But before we start the review, welcome to the first blog post on my new (and hopefully improved blog)!

As you may have seen, I’ve changed the hosting site of my blog, so some things may look a bit different! However, all my blog posts are still there for your reference, and I will be posting at the same URL. I made the switch as I wanted to go with a site that was more focused on blogging, so I chose WordPress.

Now, onto the review!!

If you take a look at their site, you will see that this is a low-waste, British-based brand that focuses on nourishing dry hair and skin. I love that they focus particularly on afro and curly hair types, because us curly haired people are definitely overlooked in the haircare world.

Sometimes, black people have to create their own spaces, and that’s why I’m very happy to be able to talk about this brand today.

Anita Grant Daily Leave-in Butter Review

Initial thoughts

I bought the scented version of the Daily Leave-in Butter. The name of this fragrance is Creamy Café Latte Vanilla and as soon as you open the jar, you’ll start salivating… no joke! The cream has the most amazing scent, it literally smells like coffee cake!

The smell is quite strong, so if you don’t want to smell of baked goods, you should get the unfragranced version of this one!  But if you’re like me, I’m sure you’ll love the smell.

The Leave-in Butter comes in a glass jar with a plastic lid. I think it looks super chic and I love that it’s low waste a packaging.

The cream is very thick and buttery, and turns into an oil when it warms in your hands.


Because the cream is oil based, rather than water based, it has a really nice silky texture. I use this on dry hair because when my hair is wet, I apply a different curling cream.

This cream comes in handy about 2 days after wash day, when my hair is starting to get dry. I take about a £1 coin size of cream, warm it in my hands, and work it through my hair using scrunching motions rather than pulling or dragging motions. I tend to use less of this than water-based products, because if not, my hair can feel a bit too oily.


I really love how this makes my hair feel. It feels instantly softened and moisturised. Because it’s oil based, it doesn’t absorb very quickly, but this is actually very good for dry hair, or afro hair. We need a lot of protection and long-lasting moisture from our haircare, and that’s just what this offers.

I use a little bit daily and my hair really loves it. It doesn’t affect my curls in any way (doesn’t make them feel weighed down, nor does it make them more pronounced), and I like that because I rely on other products to define my curls.

The scent of the cream does last quite a few hours, so if you’re concerned about fragrance this particular one might not be for you. You can just choose the unfragranced version instead. But personally, I’m happy to smell like a coffee biscuit hahaha.

I think this product is best suited to people with dry, curly hair. Because of the rich formula, if you don’t like your hair to feel oily or like it has product on it, this isn’t for you.

For that reason, I make sure to use only a little bit, and that works for me really well.


I hope you found this review useful! Please check out Anita Grant and their eco-friendly haircare, and leave a comment below if you have any questions!

Jazmin xx


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