Self-Care for Winter Blues

self-care for winter blues

Hey there! I know it’s technically still autumn but I feel winter coming on fast… So I want to share with you some great self-care tips for winter blues, to save you from feeling glum these cold months!

I don’t know about you, but once the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, I get really prone to feeling down. It’s something about the lack of sun and the cold that makes me feel miserable, especially when the clocks go forward! Because of this, I have to put some feel-good measures in place throughout the winter! I’m going to share these with you, and I hope you find them useful!

Now, on with the happy vibes ❤

1) SAD lamps or light therapy lamps

SAD stands for seasonal affective disorder. This is a form of depression that occurs in the autumn/winter seasons, and is thought to be triggered by the lack of light during this time. Because sunlight is linked with an increase in serotonin (the feel-happy neurotransmitter), short daylight hours can really make you feel down.

Even if you don’t have SAD but you just feel a bit, well, sad during these months, using a light therapy lamp can really help give you a boost of positivity. I’m not saying it’s going to make all the bad go away, but they can certainly make you feel a bit more likely to cope with what life throws your way.

I have the Phillips alarm clock which has sunrise simulation, and I love it. This has a bright light which starts to turn on before your alarm and becomes full brightness when your alarm rings (mimicking sunrise). I love this because I wake up with what feels like the sun on my face every morning.

I’ve been using it for 2 months and I do really think that it’s helping in wake me up more positively. It also helps to rise me up from the dead quicker (I’m a really heavy sleeper).

2) Make some baked goods

Eating yummy foods are a great form of self-care, but making them for yourself can be even more special. Taking the time to make something tasty from scratch can be a really enjoyable experience- and you get to eat the result, too!

When I want a quick but tasty treat, I make brownies. You can follow this super quick recipe and the smell of warm brownies filling your home will certainly put a smile on your face.

3) Make time for getting cozy

Making time for yourself is basically the key of self-care. In the winter time, I love my self-care to focus on being warm and snuggly. Getting out a warm smelling candle, such as Muji’s log fire candle, sets the tone for coziness.

During these winter months, I really have to force myself to make time for myself. But it really does help!

Grab a blanket, make yourself a hot drink and put on your favourite show. Just take some time for yourself and relax!

Running a hot bath with some relaxing bath oils or a bath bomb can be a lovely way to treat yourself, especially when coming in from a cold, hard day.

4) Nourish your skin!

Moisturising is important for skin health all year around, but in the winter it’s especially important! The cold air and the dryness of winter can really dehydrate and dry out your skin. So, making sure you moisturise with a nourishing moisturiser once a day is a really great way to look after yourself and remind yourself that you’re worth it.

I like using body creams with fragrance (although I don’t use them on my face because fragrance irritates my skin there); there’s something about the experience of applying a nice scented moisturiser that feels great to me!

This is also a great time of the year to experiment with skincare. If your facial skin gets particularly dry and flaky in the winter, have a look at the skincare you’re using. Maybe your skin would like a hydrating serum, or maybe you need to use a thicker moisturiser. If you want some skincare advice, feel free to leave a comment below or check out my skincare Instagram account. You can DM me there if you like!


I hope you find these tips useful! These colder months can be really hard to get through, but take some time for yourself, even when you don’t feel like it. It’s very important to look after YOU. I hope everyone reading this has a smooth autumn and winter.

Lots of love,


P.s. Thanks mum, for inspiring this post. Love you.


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