RapidLash Review

rapidlash review

If you’re looking to get longer eyelashes, you need to check out this RapidLash review! RapidLash is a super popular eyelash enhancement serum which claims to lengthen your eyelashes in the space of 60 days. In this post, I review the serum, and let you know I saw any results, and if it’s worth it!

About the serum

RapidLash is a well-known eyelash enhancement serum. This eyelash serum claims to lengthen eyelashes, to make them look more striking, full and long. I’m someone who loves the look of long lashes, so this really interested me when I first came across this product.

RapidLash is a colourless, odourless solution that comes in a small tube (3ml), with a thin brush for application inside it. The serum contains various ingredients that may help condition the eyelashes to promote growth. Among the ingredients, there is hyaluronic acid, glycerin, panthenol, polypeptides, biotin, soybean oil and pumpkin seed extract. Hyaluronic acid and glycerin are hydrating ingredients, which help to stop hair and skin from becoming dehydrated. Biotin and the polypeptides can help to nourish and protect the hairs, while panthenol and soybean oil may help to moisturise the lashes by locking in all the nourishing ingredients.


You apply the serum to the upper lash line (not the actual lashes), using the thin wand. You should apply it once a day to clean eyelids just before bed. I wouldn’t recommend using it on the bottom lashes as it can quite easily get into the eye when you use it there.

The serum applies easily as it is a liquid, and in one stroke you can cover your entire lash line. Make sure to not add too much so it doesn’t run into your eyes!

When I apply RapidLash to my lash line, I find that some days, it itches around my eyelashes slightly. It doesn’t sting, or burn, but sometimes I get a mild itching feeling. This goes away once the serum is dry (and it does dry quite quickly!). I don’t experience any redness, so this doesn’t worry me. But this is something to note; if you have sensitive eyes or skin, this lash serum might not be for you!

One thing that’s really weird with this serum though; in the morning, I wake up with a line of dried serum on my lash line. I can peel it off easily, but it looks strange and sometimes I can see it out of the corner of my eye if I haven’t taken it off!

Before and after

I’ve always had healthy, dark lashes, but they weren’t very long. I’ve been using the serum for 3+ months and there is a noticeable difference! It took about 6 weeks to see a change, and the full results were revealed around the 2-month mark.

Now, my eyelashes are longer than before. The difference isn’t dramatic, but I am happy with the improvement. When I wear mascara, they are super long now! They also feel stronger than before. I have repurchased RapidLash because I am happy with the results. I would love more though, so if you know of any lash serums that are good please comment below!

Here are my before and after photos. Sorry they’re not super clear, it’s surprisingly difficult to photograph your lashes hahaha.

Before use:

After 3 months of daily use:

Would I recommend RapidLash?

Overall, I would recommend this serum! If you have sensitive eyes and skin, I would be cautious about trying products like this, because they can be irritating. Luckily, it doesn’t irritate my eyes or skin at all and I really enjoy using this serum!

I have seen an improvement in the length of my lashes; they look so much more full and strong. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to get more striking lashes. The only drawback I can think of is the price; the serum costs around £25 to £30. But if you can afford this, give it a go!

Please comment below if you’ve tried this serum!

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “RapidLash Review

  1. Thanks for this awesome review Jazmin! I’ve tried a few different serums myself and my favourite is from another Canadian company called LashLuxury. My girlfriends and I LOVE it because its the only eyelash serum we’ve all found to be non-irritating. I love all the Canadian made serums because they do not contain prostaglandins which can be extremely irritating. Even some of the US brands have to change their formula when they sell in Canada. If you are thinking of trying another serum, check them out! Highly recommended 🙂 http://www.lashluxury.ca

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    1. Naomi thanks for this comment! I looked at the site and I can see the reviews.. I am going to try that one! Rapidlash caused my eyes to go bloodshot.


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