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Forest & Shore Hallelujah Hair Oil Review!

forest & shore hallelujah hair oil

Before we get started, I just want to point out that this product was sent to me for fair review by the brand. However, all my thoughts about this product are my own, and I review products the same way regardless of whether I have paid for them or they have been gifted to me.

Now, let’s get on with the post!

If you have dry, brittle hair, boy do I have a product for you! I have curly afro-Caribbean hair which is quite prone to frizziness, brittleness and a loooot of dryness. Honestly, I could dunk my hair in a vat of hair cream and it would be soaked up within the hour, lol. But this is one of those rare products that has a real effect on my hair.. This is a moisturising hair oil that comes in a really pretty frosted glass bottle. You know me on this blog by now (and if you don’t hey!); I love eco-friendly products! Glass is a widely recycled material, so after you’re done with this you can pop it in the recycling.

What ingredients does it contain?

This hair oil moisturises the hair using coconut, sesame, olive, arnica and sunflower oil. These are all great ingredients for moisturising the hair, and arnica oil can help dandruff and flaky scalps. Unlike a lot of hair oils which give you the ‘soft hair feeling’, this hair oil doesn’t contain silicones. Now, I’m not saying that silicones in hair care or skincare are bad! What I mean, is that these give you the illusion of smooth hair, regardless of what the hair product is actually doing for your hair. There is a time and a place for these products though; if you want a shiny look to your hair, or you’re trying to manage flyaways, a silicone-rich hair oil or serum can totally give you that effect.

However, if you have dry hair and dry scalp and what you’re looking for is some real, long-lasting nourishment, then a hair oil like this should give you the results you’re looking for.

This Hallelujah hair oil is fragranced using rosemary and lavender essential oil. I love the smell of the oil; it’s got quite an aromatic scent but it’s not overpowering at all. In skincare, I avoid essential oils because I’ve found they irritate my skin, but in my haircare I’m not that fussy. They don’t irritate my scalp so as long as my scalp is happy, I’m happy!

What hair types does this oil suit?

I recommend this product to people who have dry, brittle hair and a dry scalp. Those with curly hair will really like this hair oil, but I think that people with straight hair might also benefit this product- but only on the ends of the hair because this is such a rich product!

How to use this oil

On my hair, I use hair creams after washing to help form my curls. In between washes, I like to use a hair oil or hair butter (like this Anita Grant one I reviewed on my blog before) to keep my hair soft and nourished. This one fits into my haircare routine perfectly.

Method 1- On the packaging, it says you can use 2-5 drops of this oil to bring softness and moisture back to the hair after washing it. I think that those with hair that is always dry (such as afro-Caribbean hair) can afford to use a bit more if they like!

Method 2- You can also use this oil as a hair mask before washing it. On the bottle it says to massage 2-3 pipettes of the oil into your hair and scalp, and then go to sleep. Your hair will be very greasy if you do this method so I have a top tip for you; place a shower cap on your head overnight to protect your pillow. The bottle says this will intensely nourish your hair.

Does this method work?

Well, my girlfriend’s hair and my hair would definitely say YES! After washing our hair, the morning after using this oil we were shocked at how silky soft our hair was, but in a healthy-from-within kind of way.

I’ll definitely continue to use the hair oil in between hair washes and I think when my hair feels a bit drier than usual, I’ll use the oil as an overnight treatment again.


Although I think this is a fab hair oil, it’s on the pricey side. For £19.99 you only get 100mls of product. If you only use a few drops this might last you ages! But if you’re someone who does regular hair masks then it won’t last as long. However, I think that I will repurchase it when I finish the bottle!

Overall, I’d really recommend this to all of you, but especially to those who feel like they can never get enough moisture in their hair. For more hair and general beauty reviews, check out my other posts. I hope you find my blog useful!

Stay safe,



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