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Glam Touch UK Review!

Glam Touch UK Review

Glam Touch UK Review!

If you’re UK-based and obsessed with Kbeauty like I am, you should check out Glam Touck UK! I was gifted these products for review by Glam Touch, BUT all these thoughts are my own, and this post is completely unsponsored 😊

I love Korean beauty products. I think that their makeup and skincare are great, and when it comes to product formulation and introducing new and innovative ingredients, Korean beauty just tends to get there first, and do it amazingly. Feel free to take a look over my past blog posts or my IG and you’ll see lots of Kbeauty reviews if you’re curious!

Okay, so let’s get into the reviews! Glam Touch sent me:

* Banobagi – Calming Care Moisturizing Cream
* Banobagi – Calming Care Cleansing Gel to Foam
* Banobagi – Anti-oxidant Booster Mask (sheet mask)
* Banobagi – Waterglow Booster Mask (sheet mask)
* Banobagi – Babyface Booster Mask (sheet mask)

* Commonlabs – Vitamin E Calming Ampoule

I had never tried Banobagi, nor Commonlabs before so I was really excited to open these up and see how they all perform!

~Banobagi Calming Care Moisturizing Cream

Banobagi Calming Care Moisturizing Cream review

Banobagi are a plastic-surgery and skin clinic in Korea, so this brand is dermatologist produced, which I think is great!

I fell in love with this moisturiser… It’s so good! It has a lightweight gel texture which smooths over the skin so nicely. Unlike some creams which are quite dry and drag your skin when applying, this moves silkily as you blend the product into your skin. It settles in quite quickly and the watery finish dries down a lot.

Okay, let’s talk about the ingredients of this cream. It contains hyaluronic acid and rose extract to hydrate the skin, and calamine, allantoin, ceramide and centella asiatica to soothe, calm and nourish the skin, as well as improving the skin barrier. I see such an improvement in my skin texture, dehydration, dryness and irritation when I use this cream consistently.

I like using this cream both in the AM and the PM. The only downside is that it dries down to a slightly tacky/sticky finish. You can minimise this effect by applying only a very thin layer, or following with a sunscreen during the day (as we should be protecting our skin from the sun daily). I personally don’t mind the stickiness and I apply a very liberal amount of this cream. I love the healthy glow, supple look and bounciness it gives my skin.

~Banobagi Calming Care Cleansing Gel to Foam

Banobagi Calming Care Cleansing Gel to Foam review

This was another brilliant product for me. This has a gel texture, which turns into a loosely foaming texture when mixed with water. To use this cleanser, I recommend squeezing a small amount onto the hand, adding water and activating it with water before use (to make it all foamy). A little goes a really long way with this cleanser so I think it’s really good value for money.

I like that this rinses away easily. Sometimes, it feels like cleansers don’t want to leave your face, but this one rinses off well, and doesn’t leave behind any sliminess or filminess. It just leaves your skin well-cleansed, fresh and soft.

Something I often experience with cleansers is that they can be drying or stripping to the skin after use. And sometimes, a cleanser is fine if I use it once, but after days of continuous use I notice my skin becoming sensitised, dry, flaky and itchy. I’m happy to report that this cleanser doesn’t do that. My face doesn’t feel dry or tight after use, even when using it for a week straight!

Like the moisturiser from the calming care line, this contains hyaluronic acid, calamine and allantoin, to leave your skin hydrated after cleansing. For those that are concerned about the pH levels of skincare, this cleanser is balanced to the pH of the skin.

I love this cleanser; I’m going to be so sad when it finishes. I think it’s really well priced, too.

~Banobagi Sheet Masks

Banobagi sheet mask review

Before we start reviewing these masks, let’s address the elephant in the room. I have said multiple times here and on my Instagram that I don’t buy sheet masks anymore, because there are more eco-friendly ways to get your hydration and skin nourishment in (such as toners, essences and serums, rather than these single-use masks). I stand by this, but decided to try these out to give you my honest opinions. So, can you imagine my reaction when I actually ended up loving these?! *cries*

These are by far the best sheet masks I’ve used. The sheet is made from Tencel, so it is plastic-free and sturdy. It’s the nicest thing. Thick and clings to the face so perfectly- it just stays in place and doesn’t move at all. If you are the kind of person who can’t sit still (like me hehe), you will like these masks because you can pop them on for 10-20 mins and continue with your business.

The masks have plenty of serum which is great. After use, my skin felt so nourished, glowy, hydrated, soothed and cool. I even saw an improvement in my eczema which really shocked me. It was softened and much less red and inflamed.

I’ve reviewed these masks together here (rather than individually) because after only 1 use of each mask, I can’t give specifics about the individual benefits of the ingredients etc. They were all equal good and nice to use.

I do recommend these sheet masks if you’re someone who enjoys masking, or if you ever want to give your skin a boost.

~ Commonlabs Vitamin E Calming Ampoule

Commonlabs vitamin e calming ampoule review!

This will be more of a first-impressions because I haven’t used this ampoule for long. Ampoules are like serums, but are often thicker and more nourishing. I’m not too sure what to think of this product, as calming products are usually aimed at people with irritated skin. However, it contains quite a few essential oils, which are fine and most skins can tolerate without issue, but irritated, sensitised skin with what is likely an impaired skin barrier may be further irritated by these oils.

This ampoule contains vitamin E, glycerin, allantoin, arginine as well as some acne-fighting ingredients such as tea tree leaf extract and oil. It seems to be designed for people with acne, particularly acne that is inflamed and irritated, with skin that needs calming and soothing.

Currently, I don’t have acne, so I won’t be able to comment on the acne effects. I do however have facial eczema, but I’m cautious to use this because essential oils are a trigger for my eczema.

When using this serum, my skin feels soft and hydrated after use. It tingled my skin slightly on application.

I wanna mention also that I really dislike the dropper on this ampoule; not enough product comes out and I find it kinda hard to hold??

Would I recommend Glam Touch?

Yes, for sure!

You know that eco-friendliness is quite important to me, so I was really impressed with Glam Touch’s plastic-free mailing packaging (you can see the paper packing material in some of the shots I took!)

I also want to mention that I used to buy my Korean beauty products from YesStyle, but recently, they’ve increased the cost of shipping and handling to £11 which I think is way too much. I’ve just checked and Glam Touch’s shipping cost is £4 for the cheapest option. It’s true that some products can be a couple of pounds more expensive on Glam Touch than on YesStyle, but this isn’t the case for all.

I’m also impressed with the range of products they have. I was able to find most of the products that I tried looking for!

The only other negative I can mention is that their search bar on the site is kind of fussy, so you have to make sure you’re spelling the brand or product name perfectly.

Overall, I do really recommend Glam Touch!

Please comment below your favourite Kbeauty product! I’m curious to see what you guys enjoy 😉

Bye for now,



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