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Eco-conscious Skincare Gift Guide!

eco-conscious skincare gift guide

Hi there! If you’re looking for some lovely eco-conscious skincare gift ideas then check out this post! I have compiled a list of some awesome brands who make low-waste, eco-friendly skincare gift sets that are perfect for gifting this Christmas.

For those who don’t know, my name is Jazmin and I’m a skincare and beauty blogger. I also am active on Instagram, where I run a skincare-based beauty account. I’m a big fan of skincare, and I also am trying to live more low-waste. I’m excited to share some eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas with you!


FACETHEORY are a UK based skincare company who I have bought from several times. I like this brand because their products are not only low-waste, they’re so EFFECTIVE. FACETHEORY believe that you can have both eco-consciousness and active ingredients in your skincare. Because of this, their products are either packaged in glass or tin packaging (although they do have some minimal plastic where it can’t be avoided).

I have enjoyed their toners and cleansers in the past, and I previously bought one of their serums that I have yet to try. I would definitely recommend this brand! They have some really nice gift sets available for Christmas, so take a look at their site to check these out.

2. Simple Skincare

If you have a loved one who is interested in starting a skincare routine but they’re not sure where to start, I recommend Simple’s Anywhere Glows Gift Set. Simple are a skincare company who focus on creating gentle and accessible skincare. Their products are great for those with sensitive skin, or those who just want really simple (if you’ll pardon the pun) products that’ll do the job!

You might be wondering why this line made its way onto a low-waste list considering the packaging is all plastic. Although I usually try to avoid plastic where possible, Simple use recycled plastic, making it a great, low-waste option.

I have used a few of their products before and really enjoyed them. They’re no frills but nice to use. This set contains some facial wipes though and I really don’t recommend makeup wipes. To find out why, check out my previous blogpost.

3. Aesop  

Aesop are an Australian low-waste brand that makes luxury skincare products (they’re one of the most expensive on this list). I have not purchased from this brand, but I have seen some rave reviews from some people whose opinions I really trust. They have many different gift sets on their site, some focusing on facial care, others on body care and hair care. Their products are mostly glass and aluminium, ingredients which are easily and widely recycled.

Something which I recently learnt is that Aesop have created a Foundation, which they use to support charities who focus on literacy. It’s lovely to support brands that do good.

4. Literary Lip Balms

I’ve mentioned this little Irish company a few times on my blog already! This company makes cute book-themed lipbalms that are actually quite nourishing. The oilier balms come in small tins, and the firmer balms come in traditional chapstick packaging, made of cardboard.

They also make some soaps, bath salts and body balms. They have multiple Christmas gift sets so make sure to check them out!

5. Youth to the People

Youth to the People are a very well-loved brand, and I’m sad I’ve never tried them! Although pricey, a lot of their products are highly rated! Like other brands on this list, they try to cut out plastic where possible. Like FACETHEORY, this is an eco-friendly brand who focuses on active ingredients to get real results!

They have many different low-waste gift set options on their site, so you should be able to find something you like!


There we go! Those are my 5 eco-conscious skincare gift sets! I hope that you’ll find something on this list just right for your loved ones. Christmas is almost here, so make sure to buy your gifts soon!

Bye for now,



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